Thursday, March 28, 2013

4th Annual FitGems Awards: Routines of the Year

Congrats to Karina Nacimento at the 2012 Desert Muscle Classic (women's physique), Alina Popa at the 2012 Arnold (women's bodybuilding), and Ryall Graber-Vasani at the 2012 Olympia (fitness) on winning Routines of the Year!

Women's bodybuilding, women's physique, and fitness are not just judged on physiques, but judges on how they move with their physiques, depending on the division they are competing in. For women's bodybuilding and women's physique, their physiques are more focused on while in fitness, it's more about the athleticism and difficulty of the routine (and flashy costumes). Karina displayed her physique and some sassiness (okay, quite a bit of sassiness) with her routine at the 2012 Desert Muscle Classic, which won her the title and will forever be known as the first IFBB Women's Physique champion ever. Alina displays one of the best physiques in women's bodybuilding, and was evident at the 2012 Arnold, nailing her a high placing at that show. Ryall Graber-Vasani shocked a lot of people and gave a underrated but awesome performance at the 2012 Olympia (and carried over to 2013 at the Arnold).

Here are the routines you voted as the best of 2012

(DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, we could not find her Olympia clip, so here's a clip of her routine at the Ft. Lauderdale Cup, which was the show that qualified her for the Olympia in the first place)

Runner-ups: Juliana Malacarne @ New York Pro (women's physique), Sarah Hayes @ 2012 Olympia (women's bodybuilding), and Oksana Grishina @ 2012 Olympia (fitness).

Others nominated in fitness include Jodi Boam @ Fitness International, Myriam Capes @ Valenti Gold Cup, and Tina Durkin @ Olympia.

Others nominated in women's bodybulidng include Anne Freitas @ Olympia, Debi Lezawski @ Arnold, and Lisa Giesbrecht @ Toronto Pro.

Others nominates in women's physique include Sabrina Taylor @ Grand Prix Los Angeles, Monica Escalante @ Wings of Strength, and Jillian Reville @ Desert Muscle Classic.

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