Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Bikini International Review: Tight Bikini Battle Sees New Champ in Sonia

10, 11, 12. That's how close the top three were in the 2012 Bikini International contest. With the scores that close, any of the top three could have made a strong case of being the winner. But in the end, the title went to Sonia Gonzales, the first-ever IFBB Bikini champion AND first-ever IFBB Ms. Bikini Olympia. India Paulino was right behind Sonia, and Nicole Nagrani, who entered the Arnold weekend as champion, placed 3rd. Not counting the Ms. International contest, Nicole was the only pro champion that entered the weekend and lost her title. This will only make her better in the long run, so expect a fierce Nicole Nagrani in the next contest she enters. The remainer of the top six were far behind the top three, but by no means did they look bad. Jamie Baird placed 4th, followed by fan favorite Nathalia Melo in 5th (many considered her placement a shocker), and Juliana Daniell in 6th.

Full results:

1. Sonia Gonzales
2. India Paulino
3. Nicole Nagrani
4. Jaime Baird
5. Nathalia Melo
6. Juliana Daniell
7. Diana Graham
8. Jessica Paxson
9. Candyce Graham
10. Monique Ricardo
11. Natalie Pennington
12. Jennifer Andrews
12. Lexi Kaufman
14. Christina Vargas
15. Tianna Ta
16. Jessica Jessie
16. Abigail Burrows
Justine Munro dropped out.

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