Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Fit-Bod Talk Show...Siouxcountry's LIVE Radio Show!

This past week, Jack and Ann Titone launched the Fit Bod Radio show as the newest radio show for top female physique site Siouxcountry. The well-renowned trainer and IFBB Figure competitor have been supporters of the site for seemingly forever, and now they are doing their part in helping it expand by providing the site with its first-ever LIVE broadcast!

The first guest on this historic show were Kayde Puckett, Nicole Duncan, Camala Rodriguez and Erin Riley. Yes, for the debut show, four top IFBB Fitness Pros were a part of this show. Very good stuff! A lot was talked about, including fitness incentives, food porn, and something about Kayde I've never knew about. I highly recommend that you find some time to listen to this inaugural show.If you haven't heard it yet, or want to here it again, go to this link:

Their next show will take place next Thursday (January 6, 2011) at 7PM Central Time, with Trainer Erik Ledin, Jason Adams & IFBB Bikini Pro Christy Meritt as the show's guests!

As each show ends, I'll make a blog post the next day so you can all check them out for yourselves, for those that can't listen to the live broadcasts. And on the day of broadcasting, I'll post the information on the FitGems fan page where you can listen to them LIVE.

Congrats to Jack and Ann on this latest accomplishment!! :)

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