Monday, October 11, 2010

Courtney West's Heart of Gold

I read a Tweet from IFBB Figure Pro Courtney West (who turned pro at the NPC USAs by winning her class and the overall title) that definitely made my day, and shows that the world is not a cruel place. Courtney will be making her debut at the Houston Pro Figure in less then two weeks, and she stated in her Twitter account that should she place in the top three, her entire prize money will go to cancer research. Not part of it, not half of it...ALL OF HER WINNINGS. To me, that shows the true character of a competitor, not to mention the true character of a human being period.

Best of luck to you, Courtney at the Houston Pro, and we just want to let you know you have the heart and soul of a champion.

Courtney West to make her pro debut at the Houston Pro
Photo Credit: Muscular Development

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