Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Black History Spotlight for February 25, 2009-Alexis Ellis

Alexis Ellis is a New Yorker-turned-Californian born of Dominican decent. Due to her heritage, she enjoys love, life, among everything else. Before her fitness/figure days, she was a heartbeat away from making her own history by becoming "Honor Recruit" in the Los Angeles Sheriff Dept, something no other female at that time was able to get. However, during the 10th week of training, she would tear her calf muscle and her shin would shatter her Tibia. She would return the following week to attempt to finish, but the pain was too much, and thus her dream of becoming Sheriff Deputy came to an end. She then focused on improving her health and physique and became a figure competitor. She ended up earning a pro card at the 2005 NPC Nationals, and competed with the pros a year later at the California Pro show. She is also Co-Owner of Gourmet Fitness Food, a healthy food delivery service, alongside her husband. I'm unaware of hercompetition plans as of now, but one wouldn't count Alexis out of the spotlight just yet.

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