Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Female Bodybuilding Directory

The Female Bodybuilders Directory (fbblinks.com) is a new site to promote the sport of female bodybuilding, figure and fitness.

As we all know, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and focus to be a bodybuilder; particularly at competition level. Although bodybuilding itself has moved into the main-stream, female bodybuilding is still some way behind in terms of public acceptance and support.

To help change this, the Female Bodybuilders Directory has been set up as a central hub of all things related to the sport. It has listings of the home pages of female bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors (as well as information on other female muscle related sites) and works hard to promote the sport in an honest and favorable light. The site helps raise awareness of the sport and provides web-traffic and exposure to the individuals themselves.

fbblinks is young and growing faster every day, so if you are a female bodybuilder, figure or fitness competitor, own a site that is directly related to female bodybuilding or you are an aspiring competitor with a web presence, please get in contact with the site and they'll be only too happy to help promote you by listing your own website in the directory.

If you own a blog or participate in bodybuilding forums and are reading this, you can do your own bit to help promote the sport by writing about the Female Bodybuilders Directory and linking back to them - we can all do our part, so get to work: every little bit helps!

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