Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rest in Peace, Amanda Jo Savell

As all of you probably know, Amanda Savell was found dead this morning in Dallas. I found out this by MusclePhone and was in shock. Words can't begin to show the sadness most of us have right now. We can all point the blame at whoever and whomever (I've been doing that; still am), but none of that is gonna bring her back. She's free from all misery and pain; she's in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ now. All we can do as true fans is to remember her life and her career, as well as pray for her loved ones.

She will be remembered as one of the top competitors in all of IFBB figure. I never got the chance to meet her, but she was truly a competitor who loved her fans very much. She responded to each and every one of my MySpace messages and emails in near-record time. Over the next several days, I will be redoing the fan group that I made nearly a year ago dedicated to Amanda (with her blessing) and turning it into a tribute group that will do its absoulte best to celebrate her life and career. Please, I encourage you all of you out there to add any pics, vids, stories, whatever you want to, of her as we pay tribute to one of the most incredbile and fiery athletes the IFBB has ever had.

The new address of the group is:

Also, Please keep all family members involved in this in your prayers as they need all the support of the female muscle industry and beyond as they deal with this unreal tragedy. There are several people in the community that are doing tributes for her. I know that Issac is doing one, as well as BodySport. Feel free to post the links on the group so all can experience the woman we've all come to know, love, and respect.

There will be several figure competitors that will come and go, but there will be only one Amanda Jo Savell. Thank you Amanda for everything you gave to the sport...May you rest in peace.

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