Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5wks out-Dont think about it,JUST DO IT! (Melissa Cunningham's Journal Entry #9)

5 and 6weeks (35 and 42 days) out from show days!!! where is the time going???
i have been feeling "off" my game this week,but have pushed through the workouts and cardio anyways. today i was really not feeling the gym mojo. maybe it was because i knew i had to get in a BRICK session,i knew i had to get an under 21 5k...and i wasn't in the mood to run,or bike,or lift. i just wanted to go back home and sleep.
i put my head down and plowed through a not fun workout.
4x10 pullups ss w
4x10 dips
4x15 lat pulldowns
4x15 straight arm lat pulls ss w
4x30 dirty 30's
4x15 close grip rows
4x12 reverse flys
4x15 overhead extensions ss w
4x12 DB kickbacks w twist
towards the end of the workout,i stalled and stalled.....
and then i told myself......
dont think about it, JUST DO IT!
so i finished the workout strong and got in a GREAT BRICK session
bike-9.5 miles in 31 minutes..
IMMEDIATELY jumped on the TM and cranked out a 5k in 20:48.....
mile 1: 7:13...felt very comfortable
mile 2: 6:38...still felt good
then finished the last mile going from 6:30 down to 6min mile pace....
3 weeks until triathlon
5weeks until WNBF Pro qualifier
6weeks until first Pro show of the year, World Cup qualifier
7weeks until Marine Core 1/2 Marathon.......
i must be crazy.....

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