Friday, August 6, 2010

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In just a short time I have gone from being not at all involved in the Fitness
industry to someone many competitors have come to for help or advice. What is the most common advice they want? "How can I get sponsors?" Well let's face it, those in
the industry know both how difficult sponsors are to get, as well as how great they are to have. Competing is not cheap. When they ask, I am happy to give advice, and hope that advice helps.

I want to use this opportunity to actually tell sponsors what the benefits of two special women could have to your company. Those women are IFBB Fitness Pro's Victoria Larvie and Ariel Khadr. IFBB Pro should tell you all you need to know. But in case it doesn't, how about throwing in the fact that they won their Pro cards at age 17, and that is outstanding for them, but also can be an asset for you. I will explain that shortly. Let's also not forget that both young women have a very large fan base. That fan base was built out of respect for their fitness accomplishments as well as respect for the women they are. Both are also very outgoing and personable. In one instance, very early in my own training, even at the time at the age of 33 and being male, I did not hesitate to ask Victoria for advice. She was happy to help and even expanded upon the advice in later communication. She did not have to do that, but it is simply the person that she is and her enjoyment of helping others reach their fitness goals. Now at the age of 34 I have no problem saying I look up to and admire Victoria and Ariel.

Now let's talk about what the benefits could be of sponsoring them. As earlier mentioned there is the large fan base and the Pro cards. But with these two you can reach so many different target audiences.

Let's start with teens. At a time when there seem to be more and more computer and video games being made, and less and less times when you can walk outside and see young children playing OUTSIDE, Victoria and Ariel can be great examples to children to be more active and healthy. Young girls may not feel comfortable with their body image and what better way to encourage young women to get healthy and create the body they want, then to have two young women who can give them inspiration, someone to look up to, and even the confidence to go to the gym or get healthy. Also a lot of young girls are not educated on how to be in shape and think they must starve themselves. We know that isn't healthy, and Victoria and Ariel are great examples for them to learn the right way to change that negative body self image. Victoria and Ariel give them someone to look up to and aspire to be like.

Let's not forget the female gender in general. How many times have you heard of a female being afraid of the gym? I have heard it often. Victoria and Ariel are great examples of why a woman need not be afraid to go to the gym. Furthermore women who may be new and afraid can learn a lot from Victoria and Ariel and get off on the right foot. Women can learn so much from these two, and these are two young women who are happy to help.

Let's not forget everyone else either. As mentioned, I am a 34 year old male and I learn from them. I have met so many people in the fitness industry and very few have reached the respect and admiration I have for Victoria and Ariel. I am not alone either. Sure, both Victoria and Ariel are beautiful young women and hat may at times cause an initial desire to be a "fan". However that usually lasts until the next beautiful woman comes along. But in Victoria and Ariel's case, they keep those fans, because just by being who they are they demand respect and appreciation. Their fan base is so very loyal.

So whether you are a supplement company, clothing company, or anything else there are so many benefits to sponsoring Victoria and Ariel and the IFBB Pro part is just scratching the surface. There is such a broad range of people who will see Victoria and Ariel represent your company and will no doubt be much more willing to use your product. Also, if you have booths at shows, imagine the line at your booth if Victoria and/or Ariel are there, and with the outgoing personality and intelligence both women posses you have a large audience for them to promote your product. Plus you are helping Victoria and Ariel get their names out even more and helping give women and teens a role model to look up to and get themselves in better physical health.

I could have written a column about any competitor trying to hype them up and help them out. But I chose Victoria Larvie and Ariel Khadr. Why? Because they are deserving. They are the future of Fitness. They are amazing young women and role models for teens, women, and even men who want to improve their health. By sponsoring them, yes, they will be able to benefit greatly, but by sponsoring them, you and your company or product will benefit even more so.

Jason Adams

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